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VSA Console is an ActiveX control designed to easily allow you to control VSA from 3-party, ActiveX-enabled applications.  VSA Console works with VSA by setting up an inter-process communication link which allows the Console to control VSA's execution capabilities.  As a result, VSA can be tightly integrated with multimedia presentations (e.g., in Macromedia's Director or PowerPoint) or even developed as part of your own applications (e.g., in Visual Basic or Visual C).

VSA Console comes with complete documentation.  In addition to describing the methods and properties available with the Console, the documentation also features a detailed tutorial to help get you started -- even if you don't know what methods and properties are.  The tutorials guide you through step-by-step integration of VSA Console with Macromedia's Director, Visual Basic, and PowerPoint.

Presentations come alive with VSA.  VSA already allows you bring audio, video, and hardware animation together and VSA Console takes you to the next level...

...with Macromedia's Director

  • Merge computer graphics with servo action
  • Jump to different parts of routines
  • Customize operation with scripts and behaviors

...with Visual Basic

  • Design user interface to routine playback
  • Repeat & jump to different times during execution
  • Automate playback to respond to events (like serial or LPT commands)
  • Combine control with other ActiveX components
  • Preload the wave file for perfect synchronization

...with PowerPoint

  • Integrate your animations into your already existing presentations
  • Play different routines on different slides
  • Command servos with mouse clicks or slide transitions

The Console provides complete execution control for VSA.  The Create and Destroy methods can be used to load and unload instances of VSA and associate them with a routine (.VSA) file.  Execution can then be controlled with Play, Pause, and Stop commands -- each with the full versatility offered in typical VSA playback.  Methods are even provided that allow you to move the markers and set the serial port -- allowing VSA execution to be reconfigured "on the fly."

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