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VSA Screen Shot - The Solution for Servo Control Software with the Mini-SSC or SV203 or SMI

Visual Show Automation (VSA) is the best visual solution for choreographing complex lighting, animatronic, audio, and video shows. VSA breaks away from traditional solutions and realizes that complex animatronics, robotics, and lighting systems demand a sophisticated solution.

VSA offers a simple, visual approach All pertinent information is displayed visually and easily adjustable. No programming experience is needed. With VSA it is easy to see and adjust what is going on at each point in the program: What motors are moving? Where will they stop moving? What relays are active?

VSA visually incorporates multiple audio and video files Great for animatronics, DJ lighting, and choreographed performances, multiple wave/MP3 and AVI files can accompany each routine, each rendered on a different sound card or monitor. A selectable audio channel and video stream is graphically displayed, significantly easing the task of lip sync and other media dependent actions.

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